Make a company movie

You can let us make your company film with confidence. Some clients have already worked out everything themselves, so that we can take care of the implementation and advise a smart approach. We have an advisory role with other clients and are involved from A to Z in realizing the corporate film.

The film must always match the brand, products, services and the target group. We work with a fixed concept. First an intake interview in which we formulate the basic principles, then we make a plan of approach, quotation and a basic script. We will also select the team (production, direction, camera, sound, editing, animation, etc.) on the basis of the script, which must be well connected. After agreement we will work out the details and make a script. Agreements are made to prevent unforeseen complications. In this way, the execution and completion of the project can run smoothly.
Are you curious about what we can do for your company? We are happy to discuss the possibilities.

Portfolio corporate film making P & I studios

A small selection from our corporate film portfolio

Animation video

A animation video allows you to tell a story through graphic design.

Event Video

We have the experience to register your event.