Animation video production

We have a experienced animation video production team. Which can provide you with professional advise, idea's and solutions which relate to your target group.

After the initial briefing you will receive a quotation and a plan of action, after which we will proceed with the story-line for the animation video. The storyboard which we will present after this will give a good idea of what the animation will eventually look like. We will involve you through out the in tire process so there are no unpleasant surprises


Portfolio animation video's

A selection of our portfolio. Would you like to see more examples please contact us [email protected] or Tel: +31204686660 

The creative team

  1. The producer does the intake, writes a clear briefing and makes the quotation for the client.
  2. The designer creates a animation style suitable for the brand, makes the storyboard en designs the separate elements .
  3. De animator/editor translates the storyboard in to moving components and edits the music and voice over.

Breakdown costs of a animation video

The breakdown costs consist out of 10 elements

  1. Script (is there a script available or do we write one? )
  2. Corporate identity (is there a animated corporate identity suitable for your branding)
  3. Storyline (translating the script to visual images per shot)
  4. Length (generally decides the amount of elements that have to be designed )
  5. Complexity of the elements and storyline (the more complex the more design hours)
  6. Interactivity between animations (the cross-over between animations depends on the complexity of animations)
  7. Music (stock or composed)
  8. Voice-over (amateur or professional)
  9. Sound effects (how specific do they need to be?)
  10. Planning (over-hours?)

contact us @ [email protected] or +31204686660 for a quotation

Cost structure for a animation video

Look at the Riwel animation video:                                Length: 1,42 min, production costs: 4.480 Euro