PI Studio's

Photostudio Amsterdam

Are you looking for a photostudio or videostudio in Amsterdam? Please contact us

P&I Studio's
Stammerkamp 16
1112 VH  Diemen 
Tel 020 468 66660
Email [email protected]

Photography studio

If you hire one of our photographers for a photoshoot, our photo studio near Amsterdam is available free of charge!

Our photostudio in Amsterdam is well equiped

  • 250 M2 studio
  • Depth 20M, Higth 5.3M
  • 1st floor with Vide 50 M2
  • Direct door to studio for large objects (4 meters wide)
  • Make up facilities - make up table
  • 50 KVA power electricity
  • A well equiped kitchen with fridge, microwave oven, 4x gas stove and more
  • Light equipment for objects and backgrounds
  • Various background colors (free of charge)
  • Een aantal decorschotten en piepschuim platen zwart en wit.
  • 3 tables around the studio for lunch and clients (wifi available) 
  • Greenscreen studio wall (wxhxd) 6 x 4,5, x 4,5 meter

Our photostudio is close to Amsterdam, along the A1, exit 2 Diemen. Free parking in front of the photostudio.

And more : Camera standaard (portable), Background drops (white, grey, black, ivory, pink, green, blue, orange), Background curtains (white and black), Flash light sets, Video lights, Continue Licht, Continue Lightsets, Air cleaning Generator, Grids, Softboxes, Reflectors, Umbrella's, Gobos, Reflextion equipment, Licht Diffusers, Softbox spair parts, hanging systems, Windmachines, Pennen, Potloden & Markers, Lichtmeter Accessoires, Kleurtemperatuurmeters, Klemmen, Tape, Studio Adapters, Reiniging, Acculaders, Sloten, Lampen, Scharen en messen, Accu's & Batterijen.

The photostudio can be rented by photographyers or companies

  • 85 euro per hour
  • 300 euro 1/2 day
  • 500 euro per dayg
    (tarrifs are exclusive VAT, nights and weekend we charge 25% extra fee)
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