Portrait Photographer

Looking for a professional Photographer for a studio or location portrait? Then you're at the right place

One of the trade marks of a portrait photographer is to catch the persons most important features. The creative use of light and surrounding gives each photographer their own style.

Every person has a unique set of facial distinctions, each reacting differently to the photographer and his/her camera. This turns every portrait in to a small adventure. The technique is one steady factor, but every personal interaction and situation is a new expedition into the unknown.


Portrait photographer portfolio

  • Portrait Photography for Magazine's - a powerful portrait stimulates the reading of an article.
  • Portrait Photography for Glossy - real life portraits with a little glitter & glamour.
  • Business Portraits for Company's - managers, ceo's, captains of industry portrait showing authority.
  • Black and White Portraits - balancing lights and shadows
  • Commercial Portraits for Agency's - are a process of briefing, photography, production and post-production in close union with the art-director or marketing communication specialist.