Greenscreen studio

The possibilities are endless. Green Screen is used for instruction video's, presentations, music video's, films, commercials, tutorials and even the weatherman is often not a real weather map but he is standing in front of a greenscreen. We can also build mobile greenscreen studio's anywere in Europe

P&I productions, Stammerkamp 16, 1112 VH Diemen


Rent a greenscreen studio

We rent our greenscreen studio on a weekly base to film production companies, video directors, advertising agencies and all kinds of creative parties. Please inform if the greenscreenstudio is available for your production.

Facilities greenscreen studio:

- Size Greenscreen: 6 meter wide x 4.5 meter height
- Extensions options: Left or right site we can exent the greenscreen wall with corner (90 degrees) of 4,5 meter height and 2,7 meter wide.

The studio lamps for the greenscreen are included:
- 2 x 1100 watt fluorescent lamp daylight lamp DFL-554 4 x 55W (color temperature : 5500k) and
- 1x1650 watts fluorescent lamp daylight lamp DFL-556 6 x 55W (5500k color temperature)

Rates Green Screen Studio Amsterdam

85 euro per hour
300 euro 1/2 day
500 euro per day

For students and foundations we have special rates, please contact us. Rates are excluding VAT. Weekends or evenings we charge 25% extra.


  • Studio equipment such as clamps, foam plates, tripods for lights
  • Free coffee / tea
  • Make-up room 
  • kitchen facilities
  • free car parking


  • Catering 
  • Light pack actors / objects 
  • An Greenscreen expert cameraman
  • Sound equipment
  • Camera's (HD / 4K)
  • Models, actors and make-up artist
  • Props (table or chairs etc).
  • Editor with greenscreen expertise (chrome keying)

Please contact our greenscreen expert for a quotation.

Bas Westerbeek
Creative producer
P&I Studio's
+31652043048, [email protected]