Portrait Photographer

Looking for a professional Photographer for a studio or location portrait? Then your in the right place.

One of the trade marks of a portrait photographer is to catch the objects personality. The creative use of light and surrounding gives each photographer there own style.

People are unique with there own facial distinctions and character and they all react different to A photographer and his camera. This turns every portrait in to a small adventure. The technique is the one steady factor, but each personal contact and every situation is a new expedition in to the unknown.


Portrait photographer portfolio

  • Portrait Photography for Magazine's - a powerful portrait stimulates the reading of an article.
  • Portrait Photography for Glossy - real life portraits with a little glitter & glamour.
  • Business Portraits for Company's - managers, ceo's, captains of industry portrait showing authority.
  • Black and White Portraits - are a balance of lights and shadows
  • Commercial Portraits for Agency's - are a process of briefing, photography, production and post-production in close union with the art-director or marketing communication specialist.